Milan Jezik

My vintage mopeds and lightweight motorcycles.

Welcome on my website. I am a vintage mopeds and lightweight motorcycles enthusiast. I am interested in mopeds with engine Fichtel & Sachs or ILO, especially mopeds Wanderer. But I have got other mopeds too. I live in town Banska Bystrica in Slovak Republic (former Czechoslovakia). Slovak Republic is a member of European Union from May 1, 2004. On the end of this webpage you can find a link to a map of the Slovak Republic.

Wanderer model 1 Sp after restoration.

JAWA Robot after restoration.

JAWA 175 Villiers after older restoration.

Jawetta Sport in original condition.

Manet M90 after restoration.

Phaenomen Bob after restoration.

Praga 350 after restoration.

Stadion S11 model 1957 after restoration.

Stadion S11 model 1959 after restoration.

Stadion S22 model 1961 after restoration.

Stadion S22 model 1963 in original condition.

Stadion S22 export model 1964 in original condition.

My motorcycles before restoration.

Map of the Slovak Republic with information about this country.

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